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Status – 5 Nov 2017

Posted on November 5, 2017

Ok, some progress on a secondary project with the ESP8266 built into a dollar store nightlight / USB wall socket thing: Arduino environment – works. This worked last year for the interactive TV backlight / notification project, so no surprise. Upgraded to 1.8.5; seems ok; nice serial monitor behaviours. NeoPixels – works via NeoPixelBus on […]

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Not-Status-Snapshot, 5 Oct 2017

Posted on October 6, 2017

After getting the enclosure over the mast and drive sections I took a break from this project and continued on getting everything squared away in the shop. The more time I spent tidying up and finding tools and materials, the more I realized I needed to use the space I had more efficiently, so I […]

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Nearly There!

This morning is all about documentation catchups; most of the hardware build is done and the notes below are updated. This afternoon is going to be about the enclosure for the azimuth / elevation unit and maybe the power and comms lines from the battery box. // IMAGE Internals as of 16 Sept 2017. Power […]

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