Warning on the ESP32 + Bluetooth

Does the ESP32 work? Yes. It loads micropython just fine. It also has an Arduino IDE boards.txt update, so it works great that way too.

The one I bought from eBay, waited two months for, has finally arrived. It even has a small OLED, too (look closely – it’s crooked!):

Back to the warning – unless you need a simple serial Bluetooth SLAVE, steer clear of the ESP32 as a bluetooth master. 

I’d suggest one of the larger ESP-8266 boards with an HC-05 Bluetooth breakout. Right now both Arduino and MicroPython don’t have full implementations for Bluetooth functionality, and looking at the discussion leads me to think that any future effort will be a compromise because of the ram requirements. It would be fine as some sort of sense-and-report IoT device, but it’s no good as an interactive BT master. Just don’t bother.

I’m sure that one day this post will look silly, and the ESP32 will come out with a larger SRAM variant and it’ll be fantastic – so let me know when this happens – but for now…. life is too short. Don’t do it.