Randomness (to 17 Oct 2017)

Not too much on the solar tracker, directly. But:

1. Side project: Installed some reed switch door sensors yesterday. Significant note: It’s way WAY easier to get the magnets and sensors lined up when you use expanded PVC board, and heat it up to flex it into position.

2. Reduced the complexity of wifi messaging for IoT devices to a basic 8 types:

  1. Condition
  2. Configuration
  3. Command
  4. Communication

Each has a requestor state and response state, so that makes 8. This allows for all combinations of state-machine transitions and responses that make sense for both buffered and real-time scenarios.

3. Finally got the garlic planted. Although this appears to have little involvement with electronics, it will later when I start instrumenting the garden, and how to deploy that in a weather sealed fashion. Short version: ABS pipeĀ + fittings.

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