13 Oct 2017 – Mk 1 Tool Cart

Tool Cart – Mark I

Yes, generally inspired by @donttrythis… (thx Adam!). Probably should open source the design…

Main features:

  • Wheeled!
  • 5′ tall at the back for a 2′ x 4′ pegboard
  • 3 main shelves, holds 3x parts sorters, each with 4 drawers
  • 15 mini organizer shelves, 5.5″ wide (10.5″ deep)
  • Upper ‘desk’ area for flexible tool storage/access;
    • shown with foamcore mockup stand for magnetically linkable ‘tool arena storage’
  • Top surface for beverages, I guess
  • Jurassic-era beverage opener above drill & hot air holsters on right side
  • Mounted power bar for local outlets
  • Left side not defined yet – probably shelves for common glues, paints, tools
  • 1 mid level drawer @ stool working level:
    • Holds 1 of 4 different multi task trays on top of drawer (from legacy Ikea)
    • Holds parts organizer drawers inside (from parts bins)
  • Illuminated via LED’s powered by rechargeable AA’s above & under mid level drawer
  • Entirely built of wood I had lying around. Some of the copper preserved wood was actually stepping pads in our garden, and had been outdoors for 10+ years.



Other Notes:

This isn’t done; this is Mark I.

I have no idea what I need on the left side; shelves, long tool storage, long materials storage… dunno.
Also, the tool arena on the top isn’t defined. I suspect I’ll use the white foam core mockup to build several, in thin plywood, and then drill / cut the tops to fit various task oriented sets of tools so I can swap them out as needed.

I got lucky with the white plastic organizer trays; partway through the build I realized I had these ‘dying in drawers’ and should really get them populated with common-task tools and consumables. It turned out that the trays fit on top of the drawer box perfectly.

The drawer itself is an attempt to address _directly_ what Adam had to build for his Sortimo shelves –  a standalone rolling cart. It was $5 for two 12″ full extension bearing sliders and some scrap wood. This drawer is built-in, since I have way less floorspace than his cave has (about 250 sq ft, on a good day).

The LED lights were done on a lark. I had these from Michaels – $5 or 10 on sale – so why not? It chases the shadows away when the lighting isn’t ideal.

Things for Mark II:

Wider from front-to-back. It’s right on the edge of being tippy. It’s not tippy now, but that’s not to say it won’t be tippy if someone falls and grabs onto it. Probably centre the casters at 16″ deep (they are about 13″ deep x 26″ wide now)

MOAR lights. No kidding. The current lights are useful, but should be 2x as bright. Maybe 3x.
The original plan also called for a permanent 2x USB outlet from a LiPo battery; one for ‘whatever’ and one for an Ikea USB 1W flexi lamp. Recharged when powered from 110V; otherwise the cart is ok on battery for a week or so.






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