Not-Status-Snapshot, 5 Oct 2017

After getting the enclosure over the mast and drive sections I took a break from this project and continued on getting everything squared away in the shop.

The more time I spent tidying up and finding tools and materials, the more I realized I needed to use the space I had more efficiently, so I decided to whip up a rolling tool & parts cart.
Aside from some details the cart is done and works well. I’ll post some images and dimensions later. The only disappointment was that the local store was out of stock for the storage inserts, so that part will have to wait.
To Do on the cart:
  • Slide out shelf for tray use
  • Affix the lighting inside the frame so I can see the bins better
  • Finish / attach the holsters for the hot air gun, drill, and glue guns.
  • No ideas yet for the left side – could be storage or blank for now
  • Found the bottle opener, will attach that plus a magnet.
I also moved the machinist files from the electronics work area to the dust enclosure, but adding an external rack to drop them in. I was never happy about having metal shavings so close to surface mount electronics, so now it’s a non-issue.
Tomorrow I should be able to run the wiring and the connectors for the solar controller:
  • Wiring:
    • Power (mid gauge, +12V and GND)
    • Comms (just two wires, light gauge for I2C to the power box logic)
    • Terminate on a 4 pin trailer connector
  • Add connector for azimuth feedback pot
    • This runs to A6 and A7, so I’ll need to double up on +5V and GND from the connector
    • Maybe a daughterboard? Polarized 4 pin JST? Not sure
  • Add spring to azimuth feedback tensioning

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