I thought I’d be clever and write about how I set up a VirtualBox Angstrom image for a more native cross-compiling environment, especially for things like portaudio bindings for Go.

Somewhere along the way I decided I wanted (needed?) to flip to Ubuntu and just pull down the Angstrom environment as a target, and part of that needs ‘bitbake’, which apt-get couldn’t find, so I had to pull down manually.

Guess what? Big surprise, I got errors, and the instructions are gone…

I find a lot of reference from others with similar install issues, and some sort of RTFM message and link to here ->

Go ahead. Click on it. I’ll wait; you’ll be back pretty quick.

Ummm. Ya. That’s a day of my life I’ll never get back.

So I think I’ll skip the native cross-compiler to get portaudio working, and stick with Dave Cheney’s cross compile scripts which work quite well in OS X. I guess I can call os.exec in a goroutine for simple sound generation.

Another alternate route is to use the cross compile scripts from Ubuntu, where at least I can install ALSA and the portaudio packages, cross-compile for ARM, and move the binaries to the Beaglebone. Something like this ->