3D Printing Goodness, First-ish Attempt

Here it is, the first print from my new 3D printer… Well, it’s the second. The first one stalled out when my laptop went into sleep mode after a minute. This a quick accuracy checker from Thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:20996

Not bad for a first attempt, I guess.
The printer is a Mix G1, from mixshop.com, and took a night to build, a night to wire, and another few hours to load software and calibrate.
It was pretty straightforward to assemble, with only a few snags. Some of the structural parts were actually injection molded, but a couple of the smaller printed parts delaminated (broke) without any significant stress. Luckily they weren’t critical breaks, and it’s obviously running well enough to print it’s own replacements.
Now… to start printing some rover parts!

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